About Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy

I offer Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is based on understandings from neuroscience that now explain how our normal sense of perception and choice can be overtaken by very strong emotions. Ones that can completely change how we behave. Using practical and well-researched methods you’ll learn how to reduce levels of disturbance from the first session and make ongoing steps towards your chosen behaviour or sense of wellbeing from then on.

Great science … great experience … great results 

We learn and adapt best when we are both relaxed and also know where we want to go, or how we want to feel. Therefore we will consider what you’d like to achieve (the solution) and practice various pathways to that, so that your body gets to know the feel and at times use light trance states. This assists greatly in the swift adoption of your preferred ways of being.

HappinessTrance is a totally natural state of mind. Hypnosis is a way of inducing a light trance through focused relaxation and in this state we learn quickly and deeply. Therefore it is ideal for developing new qualities in a therapeutic setting. It’s as comfortable as lying in your bed resting or flopped on a sofa. Put simply, hypnotherapy is deeply relaxing and when we’re in that state we’re more open to the power of positive thought. This technique has been used for many centuries and is a very safe technique used for many different issues.

We’ll talk about the neuroscience and how it all works on your initial consultation, but if you’d like to know more before that, feel free to contact me.

About Your Sessions

Treatment starts with an initial consultation in which you are also be given a free hypnosis audio for relaxation. The initial session may take up to two hours, further sessions last around 90 minutes.

Anxiety/Stress/Depression States: 7-12 sessions (weekly for first 6 sessions)
Phobias: 3-4 sessions (weekly)


£75 per session.